At Midsec our goal is to ensure that our clients have as little insurance as possible, but no less than that.

We also believe you should review your insurances regularly to make sure the amounts remain appropriate – not too much, not too little, but just right.

A proper insurance plan will assess your situation to determine the minimum level of personal insurance you should have.  We’ll provide a comprehensive analysis of your situation and charge an upfront fee to prepare your advice document, which will include recommendations on the most suitable product for you.

If any insurance is organised through us, we’ll assist with getting your policies implemented, ongoing policy management and importantly, help if you ever need to make a claim.

Also, as part of our value proposition, Midsec will provide periodic insurance reviews to keep up with your ever-changing circumstances. In these reviews we’ll consider the products and benefits you have and, where appropriate, suggest that some adjustments be made. In this case, we’ll separately provide you with a quote on the insurance specified in the review. The frequency of your reviews will depend on the level of your insurance premiums and will be advised at the time the insurance advice is given.

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