Patsy Karapas - Sound Advisors

CFP® Authorised Representative | Email

Patsy’s 25 years’ experience in the financial services industry has taught her to appreciate that each individual and family has a unique personal situation and set of values when it comes to their definition of success, wealth and financial freedom.

Establishing respect, trust and building close relationships with clients takes time and the first step of course is having that initial conversation.

It’s at this time clients discover how Patsy can help with flexible, comprehensive advice, relating to cash flow both now and in retirement, investing, superannuation – including self-managed super (SMSF), life insurance, minimising tax and estate planning.

She will also educate you along the way to ensure that you make intelligent investment decisions.

Patsy provides advice on investment assets including, cash, bonds, direct and listed property, ASX shares, managed funds and infrastructure.

She strongly believes that “good advice puts people first” and the one sure way to achieve this is by working in conjunction with other trusted professionals such as accountants, specialist lawyers, real estate agents and mortgage brokers.

Midsec's ongoing service, diligent process and constant contact with their clients ensures that Patsy will be there for you, keeping things on track during both the difficult times and the good times.