Sound advisers are not born every minute, nor are they made overnight. Humans are not born with wisdom, and experience is earned over several years of engaged application. Sound advisers have both wisdom and experience. And, the more they have the better.

There are some occupations that require youthful exuberance – they require strength, endurance or speed, courage or bravado. But there are other endeavours better suited to mature reflection and the application of a steady hand. There can be exceptions, but most often, roles that require sound judgment (often where the consequences of failure are high) are best performed by those who have lived and learned more than just a little.

Providing financial advice is one such profession.

A common mistake is to believe that information and advice are the same thing. The peddled fantasy is that perfect information about the future, that will ensure infallibility, actually exists. Experience informs long term investors that this holy grail of certainty is an illusion. In today's world of instant communication there are no information advantages. The only advantage will come from employing sound advisers who can use well the information that everyone has.

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